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Re: ClamAV Feedback was (RE: Sendmail Milter Question)

Yang Xiao wrote:

Is anyone using ClamAV in a production environment? How does it stack
up against the commecial Anti-Virus programs such as symantec etc... I
want to setup and spam filter with vuirus scan on FC2, but have some
reservations on using a free software antivirus product because I have
no idea whether their virus defnitions are good and up to date.
Many Thanks,



The virus definitions are good and are sometimes updated hourly.
ClamAV is very good with viruses and keeping them out. If you setup with clamav-milter using sendmail to handle the mail you should be OK. The virus scanner will block the client from sending the email totally; so, the client knows something is wrong immediately. There is no delay (unless you set it up that way) from when the client hits send and they get an error about not being able to send the message.

But, keep the application and virus defs updated at all times.

James Kosin

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