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Re: FC1 Users: Sample yum.conf for Fedora Legacy Updates

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:23:03 -0400, Clint Harshaw wrote:

> On Tuesday 28 September 2004 10:23 am, Beartooth wrote:
>> Very very dumb question : does that mean those of us near Georgia can
>> simply replace the yum.conf we've been using with this one? 
> My best answer is "probably" but I don't believe the Fedora Legacy repos are 
> fully set up yet. So I'd recommend hanging loose for a week or so to watch 
> for some follow-up about this yum.conf. In any case, I'd recommend saving 
> your current yum.conf so you can fall back on it "just in case." For example, 
> I have a backup copy of my old yum.conf saved using this:
> # cp /etc/yum.conf /etc/yum_prelegacy.conf
> I'll keep poking at this sample yum.conf and will keep the list updated with 
> how it's going. If there are others interested in helping develop it, feel 
> free to experiment and post what you find!

OK : the thread has ended there for more like a month than a week. So is
it all right to take over now? And is that last commented line with "#cp
..." to be added into the taken over stuff?? (If so, where?) Or just done
once before taking over your kind work?

Beartooth Autodidact, curmudgeonly codger learning linux
Remember I know precious little of what I'm talking about!

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