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Re: Fedora Core 2 install problem.

Tale of two machines

I downloaded the Fedora core 2  iso's and created the install cd's  and
the boot cd.

Machine 1 is a Gateway P3.  

put boot cd in and rebooted the cd, install program fired up and
prompted me to start the install.  Problem is I don't want linux on this

Machine 2 is a Dell P200 GX Pro and cannot be booted from cd.
got a copy of loadlin, booted from dell support floppy, installed cdrom
access, ran loadlin with the proper switched and the boot cd started
running.  Then got the following error.  

Uncompressing Linux...

invalid compressed format (err=1)

--System halted

I was able to run the linux media check on the boot cd and it went

Any ideas?    

Did you get loadlin from FC2 as I think that loadlin or the vmlinux (vmlinuz) must be from the version of Linux you plan to boot up that you are booting to.  I think that is what I had to do when I was booting linux on a Thinkpad 760ED.  

Of course you could always install Linux to Dell hard drive on the Gateway system, but this may bring its own set of problems.

James McKenzie

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