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Re: yum vs. up2date

up2date gets boggy because of network traffic to the download site that it chooses. Which site up2date picks seems to change very often, thus up2date runs smoothly sometimes and slow the next...quirky. Also up2date will verify package integrity...don't know if yum does.

linux r wrote:
On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 11:54:37 -0400, James Kosin
<jkosin beta intcomgrp com> wrote:

Fedora wrote:

Can anyone give me some guidance on the pros and cons of yum
vs up2date for keeping my system updated? The little red button
on the task bar appears to use up2date, but yum seems to be
referenced as the thing to use on the Fedora web pages. Is it
just a matter of personal taste, or is there an argument for
using one or the other?

I believe it is really a matter of personal preference. up2date can use apt, yum and directory archives to get updates. yum is strictly yum archives. apt is strictly apt archives. yum is more popular on this list; although I personally like the flexibility of up2date.

The best thing, stick with one and learn all the options.  This includes
all the configuration files and other uses.

Good Luck,
James Kosin

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I have problems with yum sometimes.  Like if I say 'yum update
packagex', it will update my entire system, or try to anyway.  That is
the syntax from the man page.  I haven't seen what option turns that
off.  Does anyone know if yum has a '--force singlepackageonly' type

Other than that, which is little more than a nuisance, I now prefer
yum.  Up2date would always seem to get pretty boggy on me, even when
updating just a few packages at a time.  I have not had that problem
with yum.  I am wondering if yum naturally checks more sites than
up2date does since I have not added any other sites for it to draw


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