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Re: Apache build and SSL problem

Am Mi, den 27.10.2004 schrieb Linn Kubler um 20:31:

> When I enter I get this error:
> The connection was refused when attempting to contact

> I ran nmap from another server and it shows:
> 443/tcp closed https
> If I understand that correctly, it means that the port is open in the
> firewall but that the service is not running.  Not sure how to tell
> what went wrong here, didn't see any error messages when compiling and
> installing and I've double/triple checked my install scripts compared
> to what the book instructs and can't see any problems there.  Unless
> something is missing that I'm not aware of.

Right, Apache is not listening on port 443. Run "yum install mod_ssl".
If you compile Apache yourself, then please read the docs very

> Linn


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