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Re: up2date showing wrong updates

Sorry if the output near the bottm looks messed up... DARN gmail for
inserting wired line breaks. The fedora list didn't get this last
time... SORRY.

Ok I really think I messed some stuff up when I updated the system
using yum and those other repositries.

Now when I try to do an update (in Gnome by the way using the rhn
notification icon in the system try) I get a package conflict error
with libXML here is the exact error:

Test install failed because of package conflicts:
file /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 from install of libxml2-2.6.15-2 conflicts
with the file from package libxml2_2.6.10-2_11.rhfc2.at

now when I double click the alert icon it tells me what versions I
have and are available this is what comes up (including the perl stuff
just to hopefully help out.):

Package                         Installed                     Available
libxml2                  -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
libxml2-python      -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
perl-XML-LibXML               -1.53-1             -1.56-10:,-1.56-10
perl-XML-LibXML-Common      -0.12-1       -0.13-5:,-0.13-5
perl-XML-NameSpaceSupport  -1.08-1      -1.08-5:,-1.08-5
perl-XML-SAX                        -0.12-1        -0.96-2:,-0.96-2

Doing the "yum clear all" gave me a gaim update and a redhat-artwork
update that went flawlessly.

Thanx again.

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