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Re: up2date showing wrong updates

Am Do, den 28.10.2004 schrieb Ryan McDougall um 19:00:

> Test install failed because of package conflicts:
> file /usr/lib/libxml2.so.2 from install of libxml2-2.6.15-2 conflicts
> with the file from package libxml2_2.6.10-2_11.rhfc2.at
> now when I double click the alert icon it tells me what versions I
> have and are available this is what comes up (including the perl stuff
> just to hopefully help out.):
> Package                         Installed                     Available
> libxml2                  -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
> libxml2-python      -2.6.10-2_11rhfc2.at    -2.6.15-2:,-2.6.15-2
> perl-XML-LibXML               -1.53-1             -1.56-10:,-1.56-10
> perl-XML-LibXML-Common      -0.12-1       -0.13-5:,-0.13-5
> perl-XML-NameSpaceSupport  -1.08-1      -1.08-5:,-1.08-5
> perl-XML-SAX                        -0.12-1        -0.96-2:,-0.96-2

You definitely mix core and alternative repos. I know that, because I
did it as well but started to get into some dependency problems, so I
"downgraded" my system again to a more or less vanilla
core/extras-system and everything is fine now.

To keep order on my boxes and in my mind as well, I use rhn/up2date and
yum only to update core/extra components and applications to keep my
boxes free of mixtures regarding the system.

Nonetheless I like some applications from the alternative repositories,
and I want to keep them as uptodate as possible. For them I use
apt/synaptic, because I know how to keep system updates abay.

So in /etc/apt/sources I have all the core/extra-repositories plus the
alternatives. Through /etc/apt/preferences I can do the following:

# cat /etc/apt/preferences
Explanation: base os
Package: *
Pin: release c=os
Pin-Priority: 993
Explanation: updates
Package: *
Pin: release c=updates
Pin-Priority: 993
Explanation: stable
Package: *
Pin: release c=stable
Pin-Priority: 993
Explanation: audacity
Package: audacity
Pin: release c=freshrpms
Pin-Priority: 994

This means: all applications which are in the core/extras are not
replaced by the same applications in alternative repositories - even if
they have a higher version number. But all applications I have through
alternative repositories will be updated (e.g. gxine).

The last entry about audacity means, that I want to stick with the
audacity package from freshrpms (it has mp3-support and is more stable
than the one from planetccrma - at least here).

Just one thing has to be considered with Axel Thimms repository: I point
to at-good and not to at-stable, so that it is not regarded as a
core-repository by /etc/apt/preferences.

This might not be a very orthodox approach, but it works great for me.


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