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Re: How to mount samba folder within a NT Domain network?

Am Fr, den 29.10.2004 schrieb Elvis um 11:36:

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> >>>>[root localhost mnt]# mount -t smbfs -o
> >>>>ro,workgroup=XXX,username=XXX,password=XXX //mobellsvr2/SW_Share
> >>>>/mnt/win1
> >>>>10177: Connection to mobellsvr2 failed
> >>>>SMB connection failed

> >>Replace the server name with IP address, I mount the share folder
> >>successfully. The NT share server and my PC are in the same LAN.

> Could you post your smb.conf? It seems that your nmbd service is not 
> running. If it is, it may net be configured properly. Try `service smb 
> status to check (fedora has both smbd and nmbd in the smb service)

He is using no Samba service but using the samba-client. So no daemon
has to run on the client side. The "nmblookup" command can be helpful.


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