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Re: rpm.livina.org

On Sun, 31 Oct 2004 20:25:47 +0100, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> >      There is a warning in rpm.livina.org which says to use
> > rpm.livina.org with fedora.us. Now how do i hav to modify yum.conf to
> > do that.
> And exactly there you too find the links to the fedora.us pages where
> the yum setup is explained. Please read it complete on the rpm.livn.org
> page and follow the fedora.us links.

Which would work if fedora.us were reachable. It's been down for some
hours, unfortunately.

Meanwhile use a mirror (pick a different one later) and add these
to your yum.conf:

name=Fedora.us stable

#name=Fedora.us testing

#name=Fedora.us unstable

For FC1, the entries are different. You can use your web browser to find
out or ask again.

Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang) - Linux 2.6.8-1.541
loadavg: 2.12 2.34 1.92

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