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Re: Files appearing at boot in xinetd.d and rc.d

David Curry wrote:

Mark Sargent wrote:

[root localhost rc.d]# ls init.d rc rc1.d rc3.d rc5.d rc.local rc.sysinit ln8 rc0.d rc2.d rc4.d rc6.d rc.local~

Even if I remove rc.local~, it returns at next boot. That I do not understand, but, it also happens with tftp in /etc/xinetd.d

[root localhost xinetd.d]# ls
chargen cups-lpd daytime-udp echo hotsmtpd rsync tftp~ time-udp
chargen-udp daytime dbskkd-cdb echo-udp hotwayd tftp time

What is this..? If I have 2 rc.local files, both trying to excute the same code at boot, does this explain why snort is not appearing..? I'm a little lost. Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

Mark, a thread some time back noted that an editor application (don't remember which one) created a backup file on opening a file for editing. Said backup file was assigned the name of filein~. The files you are concerned about may be created a new on each boot with the previous file saved with the same name and a ~ appended. At any rate, rc.local and rc.local~ are two distinct names and I don't believe both are not trying to execute.

ooops -- Last sentence should have read, "... don't believe both are trying to execute."

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