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imap client issues

Set up dovecot -

fetchmail --> procmail --> Maildir

I can't use it for smtp because a lot of mail hosts (rightly so, to fight spam) will not accept my mail unless I use my ISP smtp server.

Eudora - after telling it to accept the certificate can read mail. Can not send - my smtp requires a password, which happens to be different than the password I am using on the dovecot box. No way I can find to specify that password to Eudora.

Evolution - can read the mail just fine, but seems to have same problem as Eudora, it seems to assume the check password is same as smtp password.

Balsa, my client of choice - does allow different password for checking and sending, but it seems unable to check my mail (balsa 2.2.5) - I suspect because of the ssl certificate on the dovecot box.

I *really* don't want to use the same password on the dovecot box that I use with my pop account, I am forwarding logs and other info to the dovecot imap server so I can read them from wherever, and my smtp password is the same as what fetchmail uses to pop the account, so if they sniff that and its the same as what I use to log into the imap server, sensitive info could be read.

Any way to make evolution use a different password for smtp authentication? Any way to tell balsa the ssl certificate is OK?

As far as Eudora goes, I'll look for another windows mail client if I can't find a solution for that (on a different resource)

-- Michael A. Peters http://mpeters.us/

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