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Re: Change HTTP Host: Header

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Mostafa Z. Afgani wrote:
> Dear all,
> Is there any easy way to change the HTTP Host: header from the client
> side? My Uni. Intranet is using IIS 5.0 which apparently is doing some
> filtering based on the "Host:" header. As a result I can't use the old
> trick of just SSH tunneling to the site. If I try to use the tunnel, the
> "Host:" line shows up as "localhost" on the request to the server and
> hence is redirected to some page that says there is no server here.
> Right now, the only trick I can pull is to set my hostname to the name
> of the server and add " 	server_name" to /etc/hosts and then
> then use the SSH tunnel. Then I can just goto http://server_name and it
> works since "Host:" is now "server_name". This is painful however since
> GNOME doesn't seem to handle the hostname change particularly well ... I
> have to logout and login after every change.
> I've tried digging on Google but most of the information pertain to
> servers not clients .. so .. my question is .. can I masquerade my HTTP
> "host:" header?
> Looking forward to your expert opinion,
> -M

Dear all,

Sorry about a premature messege. It appears I can achieve my goal with
just a simple " 	server_name" line in /etc/hosts and the
original SSH tunnel; no need for a hostname change :)

- -M
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