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Re: Yum and Logwatch Reports

Don Maxwell wrote:
After upgrading from FC2 to FC3 (which was a SMOOTH and easy upgrade)
my logwatch reports no longer include a section on yum activity.  I
have compared the old logwatch.conf and yum.conf files, but did not
catch a difference which might be a factor.

I choose to let yum automatically install changed rpm files.  Yes, I
know this can be dangerous, but I prefer the risk of potential
surprises over the risk of not getting around to manual involvement in

In FC1 and FC2, the "yum" sections were useful so that I could get a
sense of what changed that showed up in my Tripwire reports.

Any ideas?


Until such time as an official update comes out, I'll maintain an updated logwatch package that contains Gilles Detillieux's patch to fix this bug (see bugzilla entry above) at:


Cheers, Paul.

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