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Re: Apache problems on FC3?

On Apr 7, 2005 2:53 PM, Matthew Benjamin <msbenjamin fedex com> wrote:
> Is your script creating a NEW file in /var/myfolder, or is it appending
> to an existing file?
> What are the ownership and permissions on the /var/myfolder directory?
> Creating a new file.
> Ownership apache:apache
> Permissions was: 755 now: 777

Well, I would think that 777 should let ANY user create a file. I was
going to ask if perhaps something in the script was changing the
UID/GID of the effective user who was creating the file, but 777 would
seem to not make a difference then.

When you execute the perl file manually, what user are you using to do
it? I mean if you do "su - apache" (can you su to apache???) can you
still run the script? When you run the script manually as yourself,
what is the ownership of the files in /var/myfolder? If the script is
doing something to change to a different user or group, then you
should be able to tell.

Here's another thing... who is the owner of "program.pl" and what are
the permissions on that file, and the directory that owns it?


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