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Re: fc2 does not find cd/ dvd-player

Bjørn-Sverre Nøttum wrote:


I am running a fc3 server. I had to change the original CD-player because i broke down. I have tried to replace it with borth a new CD-player and DVD-player. The BIOS finds both players, but fedora does not find anyone of them. If I write 'mount /dev/cdrom' I get the eror-messages saying that cdrom does not exist.

I have tried to delete the lines referring to the cd-rom in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf an afer that run kudzu --class cdrom, but this does not help a bit.

How can I configure fedora to use the new player?

One question is whether you are running FC2 (as indicated in Subject line) or FC3 are stated in text body.

If you are running FC3, then I believe you would want to mount /media/cdrom instead of /dev/cdrom.

Do you have kudzu enabled at boot? If kudzu runs at boot, does Gnome hwbrowser find the cd-rom and dvd-rom devices? Are the new devices internal or external?

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