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Re: Setting up double boot with Fedora

Am Do, den 14.04.2005 schrieb John Botscharow um 2:46:

> I have Windows XP on my computer presnetly which I had to reinstall becuase I could not figure
> out how to set up the bootloader for Fedora (GRUB) to offer me a choice between either Fedora
> or XP. I am quite new to Linux but I lovee what I have seen of Fedora. I HATE Windows but need
> to keep it for business reasons. Could someone please send me SIMPLE step-by-steps insturctions
> on how to set up the bootloader so I can use either OS? I'm technically chllenge so please treat me
> like a dummy. I won't be offended. LOL Thanks so much.
> John Botscharow

If you have Windows® running on your system and you install Fedora in
parallel on free space besides your existing Windows®, then the install
will automatically take care for the other system and include it in the
grub configuration. Simply install grub into the MBR.

If you have specific problems it is best you give specific information
about your non common hardware. Or if grub does behave different to what
I said above, feel free to ask again by providing details.


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