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Re: Gnome GUI seems slugish, any ideas or optimizations?

Robert F. Chapman wrote:
I have been keeping up with the Fedora Releases since FC1 and I have
noticed that in FC1,2,3 Gnome is very sluggish compared to RH9.0.
Things like opening a terminal can take 10 - 15 seconds. Running
Programs take just as long. It's kinda hard to convince Windows XP
users they need to move, when GNOME is performing poorly.

GNOME is getting more bloated by the day. It's a shame FC moved XFce into Extras, as far as I'm concerned GNOME 2.x should have been there.
Anyway, a functional solution (replacement more likely) is XFce. It runs very smoothly on a P3 1GHz w/ 512MB of RAM and a 64MB GeForce MX440. The memory usage dropped after full desktop environment startup by 80MB (!), applications start and "feel" much faster (I heavily use Firefox and GAIM and there's a big difference to GNOME) and even non-related apps are snappier (i.e. Java-based jEdit).
Hopefully, GNOME 3 will get rebuilt from scratch and learn a bit from its younger brother. Until then, bye bye GNOME.

Ovidiu Lixandru

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