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RE: Using apt dist-upgrade

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Subject: Re: Using apt dist-upgrade

On Friday 15 Apr 2005 1:53 pm, Sean O Sullivan wrote:
> Mark Haney wrote:
> > Is it easier now to use apt to upgrade the OS?  I'd really like to see
> > this become a lot easier in future versions of FC.  Has this been
> > worked on?
> Depends on who you ask, I mensioned my bad experience before (with apt
> in general), and usually stick to yum/smart, however some swear by it ....

I use apt regularly and generally get on better with it that yum (I find the

apt frontend synaptic very good). I think most problems probably come from a

poor choice of repositories to use with it, not apt-get itself. If you have 
conflicts you can run into problems, but then also I think with yum.

> It's possible to do, but prepared to do some hacking to get things 
> working I suspect

Not really any more than with yum though. With both you have to decide which

repositories to use and in both cases edit some config files accordingly...


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Hi Chris,
Other than the obvious choice of a repository in the same country you live
in, what is a bad choice of repositories??


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