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Re: [FC3] How to get bluetooth to work?

--- HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net> wrote:
> VB wrote:
> > I am running Gnome.  I was thinking of installing
> > gnome-bluetooth but don't know if this will allow
> me
> > to use hcitool or if I would have to do all my
> > bluetooth related actions through
> gnome-bluetooth??
> Would this help:
> http://hajo.net:8081/software/bluetooth.shtml
> --
> HaJo Schatz <hajo hajo net>
> http://www.HaJo.Net
> PGP-Key:
> http://www.hajo.net/hajonet/keys/pgpkey_hajo.txt

Thanks HaJo, that works if I use a dongle.  HOWEVER,
it does not work for my built-in bluetooth
antenna....d'oh. I imagine it has to do with the
/etc/modprobe.conf entries?  When I do not have the
dongle in and try to '/etc/init.d/bluetooth start' I
get the following error:

"Can't open RFCOMM control socket: Address family not
supported by protocol"

Going to "Bluetooth Manager" in Gnome says:

"Could not Bluetooth Bluetooth devices on the system"

Nothing shows up in /var/log/messages for either


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