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On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 22:10:55 +0800, Manivannan. M <manikpi singnet com sg> wrote:

Can someone help me with ADSL USB modem setup for internet/email connection.

I have installed FC3 on Saturday & trying to get connected to internet. But I am new to Linux and not an IT expert to configure them. All I can get are the following. I need the connection real soon. Please help

In the Hardware Browser>>System Devices I am seeing the following:

  Alcatel DynaMite Modem
  Amtel corp. 4-Port Hub
  Intel corp 440 BX/ZX/DX-82443 BX/ZX/DX Host Bridge
  Linux 2.6.0-1.667 uhci_hcd UHCI Host Controller
  Chesen electronics Corp Keyboard


Note: My modem is not an ethernet modem, its USB !

There are drivers and howtos for the alcatel speedtouch modem (usb). I have come across them in my search for help to get my eciadsl modem running. Still trying. If you need a quick start on the internet my experience is, that you need to spend money for an ethernet modem. Getting a usb modem working is obviously possible, people have done it, but so fiddly for newcomers to linux.


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