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Re: get rid of old kernels

Mark Sargent wrote:

Paul Howarth wrote:

Gordon Keehn wrote:

Jeff Vian wrote:

As someone has already said it has been discussed several times, but for
this use, rpm is much nicer than yum.

And apt (synaptic) is even nicer. I keep the highest level kernel and the next highest stable version as a backup. When I request that synaptic install a new kernel, at the same time I remove the old version. Grub and the /lib directory subtree are cleaned up automagically. OK, I know it's rpm that does the dirty deed under the covers, but synaptic makes it a lot easier to manage multiple kernel versions in a consistent fashion.

You remove the old kernel (and its modules) whilst you're still running it?


Hi All,

I'm guessing he's not talking about the one he's currently using, but the backup that would then become backup 2 if he kept it. Yes..? Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

Correct. I should have said "oldest" but occasionally if the (previous) bleeding edge kernel is less stable, I remove it, keeping the older version (which would be the one I'm executing).

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