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Re: Samba Printing Woes

On Sun, 2005-04-24 at 17:19 -0500, John L. Pierce wrote:
> > I found them.  The original e-mail said they were under /etc/samba, which 
> > confused me.  But I got that all sorted out, and things are printing just 
> > fine.  From Linux, anyway.  Still have to try from Windoze (since that's what 
> > my wife is still running).
> > 
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> A quick note about a gotcha!  Every time yum updates cups my mime.types
> file reverts back to the commented out version of the config file
> mime.types.
> Basically every time cups gets updated you must change the line back to
> uncommented or your windows clients will not print.
> I if anyone would steer me in the direction I need, I will report this
> as a problem.  To me the rpm update should store any new config file
> as ????.rpmnew and not change my current configuration.  This has been
> an ongoing thing for me for some time now.

you might want to turn off your cups-config-daemon if you are going to
manually edit the config files

# service cups-config-daemon status
cups-config-daemon (pid 4036) is running...


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