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Re: Nagios problem on FC3

Kenneth Geddings Jr. schrieb:

gb spam wrote:

Hi everyone,
i have installed nagios 1.2 for testing purposes and  there is an error
shown in the web interface which is shown as follows:

Whoops! Error: Could not read host and service status information!
and on Event-log: Error: Could not open log file
'/var/log/nagios/nagios.log' for reading!

What user is your web server running as, and does it have access to
/var/log/nagios/nagios.log?  (the answers are most likely "apache" and

Assuming that is the problem, you'll need to arrange access to
/var/log/nagios/nagios for apache.  there are number of ways to
achieve this, in increasing order of desirability

  1.   chmod 755 the file, its directory and all parent directories
(very bad move)
  2.   use groups (bad move - if something else needs to do a similar
hting you'll end up jumping through a few group hoops).
  3.   use file acls to give access (most elegant, very secure)
  4.   configure it to use a different log file which is easy to give
apache priv to read
  5.   something else that i've not thought (most likely)

of course, the file might not actually exist - in which case starting
the nagios daemon should resolve that.

what version of fedora are you using?

Nagios on Fedora FC3
The problem was selinux. I was trying setenforce 0 ... and it worked.
So i had to configure the security level for the apache httpd deamon and set setenforce back to 1.

Thank you for your replies !!

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