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Re: Install FC3 on SATA

mayuresh patole wrote:

I have winXP installed on one partition and second
partition is fat32 partition which is 100% free I wan't to install FC3 on that partition.
When I tried doing that it gives me error that "No hard disk present"
please help me
I have Athlon64 3200+ processor
MSI RS480M2 motherboard
Seagate sil3112 SATA 80GB hard disk

--Mayuresh Patole

--- Scott Pearson <pearsonscott2 qwest net> wrote:

Don't know about FC3, but the first Fedora release
you needed to format your SATA drive first before

Fedora would recognize it. Since I was,

and still am, running a dual boot Linux/Win2k
machine, it was no problem to format it using

Windows back then, which the gentleman you

are replying to apparently has done, as he appears
to be replacing or trying to replace WinXP with

Linux. You may need to use something else

to format it if you don't have access to a Win box
to do it with. There are a variety of tools out

there to do that. How many are free I don't



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From googling around the net --

1) Got any USB devices connected to your PC? If so, disconnect them. Some versions of Fedora have problems with USB devices. Why, I don't know. I bumped into this jproblem with Fedora Core 2 64-bit.

2) Are you installing it on a separate hard drive or a second partition on one drive? People have reported problems trying to get Fedora installed on a second partition with Windows on another partition when both partitions are on a single hard drive. A separate hard drive for each OS is usually considered the most trouble-free way of dual-booting a machine.

3) I just checked the website for your board. Warning number 1) -- Not all MSI boards can support Linux. Warning number 2) Your particular board uses ATI chipset drivers. These may not be supported by Linux, or at least Fedora, yet. You may need to email MSI's tech support to find out if you can run Linux on your board. You may be out of luck with that board and unable to run any version of Linux on it. It's a new board, and I suspect that these ATI chipset drivers may be ATI's first foray into chipsets for motherboards, so they may be too new to be included in any Linux distribution yet. Like I said, you will need to contact your motherboard manufacturer to find out for certain one way or the other.

Hope this helps.

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