theoretical question - can root's username be changed?

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at
Fri Dec 2 19:17:25 UTC 2005

Tim wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 12:44 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:
>>A really big flaw in Unix design is the fact one user has the inherent
>>ability to do everything, the fact that the Unix security model is
>>built round this.
> A counterpoint to that, in the Windows world, is that you can have too
> many people able to do things that they shouldn't.  They might think
> they need to do something special, they might want to do it, they might
> think they know what they're doing, but they're often wrong.

The objection is not that there are not enough users who can
do things, but that there is one super duper user who can
do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING. There is no finesse. Either
all or none. It might be useful to have someone who can
administer passwords, but not rm /etc/passwd, for example.
There is not enough resolution.

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