PostgreSQL fails on boot, but works fine after logging in...?

Christofer C. Bell christofer.c.bell at
Sat Dec 3 05:01:43 UTC 2005

On 12/2/05, Øyvind Stegard <oyvinst at> wrote:
> $SU -l postgres -c "$PGENGINE/postmaster -p '$PGPORT' -D '.blahblah......& ...
> sleep 2
> The timeout was simply too short for postmaster to init itself on the old box
> (350MHz PII), and the wrapper script thought the whole thing had failed. I
> increased it to 6 seconds, and while the service takes a little longer to
> start (duh), it no longer displays an ugly red [FAILED] message.

On another note, Øyvind, I was experiencing the same issue and on the
advice of your post upped the value of the timeout, however, I upped
it to 3 seconds rather than 6.  I'm running on a 550 MHz Celeron with
512MB of RAM.  While I've not tested it after a reboot, I've not been
able to reproduce the failure message with multiple repeitions of
"service postgresql stop" followed by '"service postgresql start" nor
with "service postgresql restart".  You might be able to drop your
timeout a few seconds and save some time.

I'll see what it does during a boot, but I suspect it will behave as expected.


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