PostgreSQL fails on boot, but works fine after logging in...?

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Sat Dec 3 18:37:49 UTC 2005

At 11:01 PM -0600 12/2/05, Christofer C. Bell wrote:
>On 12/2/05, Øyvind Stegard <oyvinst at> wrote:
>> $SU -l postgres -c "$PGENGINE/postmaster -p '$PGPORT' -D
>>'.blahblah......& ...
>> sleep 2
>> The timeout was simply too short for postmaster to init itself on the
>>old box
>> (350MHz PII), and the wrapper script thought the whole thing had failed. I
>> increased it to 6 seconds, and while the service takes a little longer to
>> start (duh), it no longer displays an ugly red [FAILED] message.
>On another note, Øyvind, I was experiencing the same issue and on the
>advice of your post upped the value of the timeout, however, I upped
>it to 3 seconds rather than 6.  I'm running on a 550 MHz Celeron with
>512MB of RAM.  While I've not tested it after a reboot, I've not been
>able to reproduce the failure message with multiple repeitions of
>"service postgresql stop" followed by '"service postgresql start" nor
>with "service postgresql restart".  You might be able to drop your
>timeout a few seconds and save some time.

Or, how about having a 2 second timeout test that loops up to 5 times, so
that it will run fast if startup is fast?  (An RFE might be appropriate if
someone actually does this.  Fixed timeouts, ugh.)
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