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Sun Dec 4 20:58:55 UTC 2005

Slip-up on my part -
To move file from /home (old) to /home (new) U need to temporarily mount the
/dev/sda1 in the first place.

$ su -
password: *******

# mkdir /mnt/my80gigHOME    ! this is a new folder in your old drive
# mount -t ext3  /dev/sda1 /mnt/my80gigHOME
# cd /mnt/my80gigHOME
# mkdir /home   ! This is going to be your /home dir on 80 gig

! now transfer (copy) files from /home    to  /mnt/my80gigHOME/home
including all hidden files.

# cd
# umount /mnt/my80gigHOME

! now edit your /etc/fstab as briefed previously
! and reboot (I do not know how to do this without rebooting)

$ mount    ! this should tell that /home is now on /dev/sda1

! find your files now at /home on 80 gig plus and take care of dups on old
! U can delete folder my80gigHOME that should be emply at this point.

Sorry for the missing nail now that you have it ... ride the horse and
PS: Beware of nails used elsewhere!!!

Anil Kumar Shrama
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