Anaconda install off DVD image

Edward Dekkers edward at
Tue Dec 6 03:43:38 UTC 2005

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Can Anaconda in FC[45] install off a DVD iso image that's saved in an 
> existing disk partition?
> AFAIK, Anaconda could be pointed at a directory with the individual CD 
> iso distribution images.  Can it do the same with the single DVD iso image?

I'm pretty sure I did this before, when I had a Fedora DVD, but no DVD 
drive in the target system. I copied the iso to the target Linux box, 
then run the installer in a custom way, you can mount the iso and run 
the installer off it.

I can't seem to find the instructions I used, but I'm sure if you check 
the Fedora/Redhat site on anything to do with install or anaconda, 
you'll find it too.

To answer your question briefly, yes it is possible but I do not 
remember exactly how I did it.

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