Upgrading / Clean Install / Saving Info.

Jon Ingason Jon.Ingason at telia.com
Thu Dec 8 19:40:54 UTC 2005

Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
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> I have two older machines that have FC1 that I want to update FC4. 
> One has a number of users, and I would want to backup the users, 
> passwords, and home directories, then clean install of the machine, 
> and then reset the users, passwords, and home directories. Did a 
> Google search, but got way to many hits, and after 10 pages didn't 
> find anything close. I had tried to upgrade from FC1 to FC4 with the 
> CDs, but it failed, so I restored the image back to the FC1. 

I would backup the home directories, /etc/passwd, /etc/shadows and other 
config files, like for printer etc. Then I do a clean install and 
merge/replace the new config files with the old one. If you are using 
other authentication such as LDAP or NIS, you should save appropriate 
config files and restore them after a clean install.

> The other system is easier, in that it only has a few IDs, but it has 9 
> ethernet ports. Eth0 connects to the campus backbone, and the 
> other 8 are designed to provide separate private networks to various 
> labs with dhcp and iptables. Note sure if I can just copy the setup, or 
> have to redo it from scratch. One 3 Com card, and 2 - 4port adaptec 
> boards. 

I would just do the same here. Save all approriate config files etc and 
do a clean install and restore. You might consult the man page before 
you do restore of config files.

-- Jon
> I'm sure there is a HOWTO on this, but I did find the correct search 
> words to find it. Have a month before the next semester starts.
> Thanks.
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