Configuration files for Evolution

Marcelo Magno T. Sales marcelo.sales at
Fri Dec 9 14:14:14 UTC 2005


I have an MS-Exchange e-mail account which was accessed normally from
Evolution. However, my account was moved from another server and since
then I'm having problems to access some folders within it and to search
the Exchange address book. I reconfigured Evolution from scratch using
another linux user account with a fresh profile and it worked.
So, I'd like to remove all of Evolution's configuration files from my
regular user profile to configure it from scratch too. However, I can't
find them! I've removed the ~/.evolution directory, which reset my mail
filters and cached messages. But every time I open Evolution, the
accounts which were configured (the Exchange account and 2 POP3
accounts) remains there. No matter what configuration files I delete,
the accounts are always there. Where do Evolution keeps information
about configured accounts? How to I start a fresh configuration of
Evolution after it has already been used?



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