alsaconf ?

Rick rjw27 at
Fri Dec 9 20:18:12 UTC 2005

Sorry about the delay on this, I am playing catch-up on my mailing lists...

On Saturday 19 November 2005 07:07 am, fedora-list-request at wrote:
> The README that comes with alsa-utils
> (/usr/share/doc/alsa-utils-1.0.9rf/README)
> says that it contains
>         alsaconf - the ALSA driver configurator script
> but I don't see this anywhere on my disk ?

alsaconf is not distributed in the binary RPMs.  As I recall, it is built by 
the source RPM, then deleted in building the binary RPM.  

Fedora's choice is to use system-config-soundcard.  However, there are sound 
cards that alsaconf detects, that system-config-soundcard does not.  I 
rebuilt alsa-utils locally to include alsaconf, and was able to configure a 
couple of older systems (Compaq AP400 desktop, Compaq Armada 7800), that 
system-config-soundcard did not handle.  

BEWARE: alsaconf does a port probe.  It may hang your system, or worse!!  Use 
at your risk.  This, I belieave is why Fedora excludes it.  That warning in 
mind, I had absolutely no problem.


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