xmms lost output after update

George Hare hare.george at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 20:05:05 UTC 2005

My problem was after updating xmms using up2date, I opened xmms, went
into preferences and saw that I retained all my input plug-ins but
when I tried to click (Gnome) on the output plug-ins, it would not
open...as if they all had been eradicated. So I deleted xmms and tried
to install an earlier version as was suggested. I am somewhat new to
Linux and could not install it. I didn't know where to put it for one
thing...(/usr/local)? So I put it in my Home Directory and kept
getting an error message something about "recursive". My methodology
for using Linux is definately not the best; I usually keep fumbling
around until I get something to work. By the time I get it to work, I
have forgotten the steps that I took. My other music player still
works, but I like xmms best. Thanks.
G. Hare

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