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Neil Cherry ncherry at
Sat Dec 17 00:52:29 UTC 2005

Chasecreek Systemhouse wrote:
> On 12/16/05, Steven J Lamb <redhattedsheep at> wrote:
>> about 10 Mb of traffic through this box and I would like to use
> Per second?  Per minute?  Per hour?
> ???
> A damn small text-only install can route 10MB easily.

You're going to need to tune the TCP/IP settings. If you have a
machine that has the 2 Ethernets on 2 different IRQs (I've been
burnt by machines that only share 1 IRQ (Grrr!)). I know a 1.2G
machine can do it (mine's tuned to about 6M with lots of processes).

Here's a link that can give you an idea of what's going on:

I wish I had the link to the site that helped with tuning, sorry
I misplaced it.

BTW, you can get Linux down to an boot size of 1.44M if you use
something like Floppy Firewall. Move that over to a CF card (don't
write to it with swap) and it'll run in less than 16M of RAM. The
CF card will give you the option to put extra utilities on the
machine. Team that up with Firewall Builder and I think you'll be
in business.

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