nfs mounting

G Rajesh ganesanrajesh at
Sun Dec 18 16:05:55 UTC 2005

Thanks Mike,
Mike Chambers wrote:
> Check your /etc/exports file to see if it was added.
Yes it is added.

> Not sure on the above fstab line, especially the end.
Why? Could the problem be here. I tried to add "//" before the ipaddress
, it made things worse :-(

> Do you have the proper services running on the machines?
> Then try remounting.
Yes Sir. No error messages were displayed expect while restarting netfs
(not even with autofs). Same message: 'mount to NFS server
"192.168.1.xx" failed: Server down'

Could this be firewall/selinux problem. But I find permissions granted
in desktop>systemsettings>securitylevel


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