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Tim ignored_mailbox at
Tue Dec 20 12:48:16 UTC 2005

>> The NFS server isn't running?

G Rajesh:
> I found out Sir. Though I have set eth0 to be enabled at boot time, it
> seems it does not. When I activate it (though network device control
> says it is connected) again and restart netfs service, everything seems
> fine - except that system takes long time to unmount the nfs-shares
> (some rpc error (no 5) being shown.

So, the NFS server is running, but your ethernet is down?  NFS might
need a restart after bringing the ethernet on-line, I'm not sure, but
I'd expect that it would.

My network interfaces come up fine, during boot time.  You might want to
mention what you're using, someone might know if they're a problem NIC.

> 1. Is the IP address given in eth0 same as that of my computer, say
> Or I should give something different?

Each network interface on your computer *should* have a unique IP
address.  There are times when you can get away with duplication, but
that requires skill and a degree of luck.

It's the interface that has an address, not the PC.  It's a method of
communicating with your PC, the address specifying the how and

> 2. Should the router address be filled? Can I give any arbitrary number
> within 19.168.1.xx?

You haven't described your network (you might have before, but I don't
have a message to look at that does, now).  If your router has an
address, you need to use it, not make one up.  Quite often, they use a
x.x.x.254 IP address.

In general, the router address would be used to talk outside of the
network (each interface being configured with a gateway address
applicable to itself).  

Machine to machine communication within the same network (where
addresses for source and destination are determined by the netmask to be
local to each other) won't need to know about a gateway.

I wouldn't expect a gateway address to your router to have any bearing
on NFS within your LAN.

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