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Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed FC4 with "Automatic partitioning". Now I want to resize the 
> partition of / so that I can have free space (with no partition) to install 
> other OS. Here is how my system looks like:
>>From LVM HowTo, it seems that I have to resize the filesystem first, then 
> resize the volume using lvreduce. I tried using parted by to resize the 
> partition and filesystem of /dev/hda2, but it complained about unknown 
> filesystem type.
> So I am hoping for any help on how to resize /dev/hda2 so that I can have 
> about 10GB of free space. 
> Thanks in advance.

I feel your pain. I went through this exercise a while back, there is
probably some good info in the archives somewhere.
Long story short, back up and restore is the safest way, otherwise you
end up hacking extent records and partition tables and even then I
managed to trash the PV and had to restore everything from scratch. 40Gb
shouldn't take too long, perhaps think about investing in an external
drive for just such things. You *do* have regular backups, right? ;-)

Kind Regards, and a merry christmas!


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