need help (reclaiming disk space from Fedora for XP)

Steven Ringwald asric at
Sat Dec 24 03:06:33 UTC 2005

Jim Cornette wrote:

> You could toggle the partition type to a type that windows recognizes, 
> like type c using fdisk in Linux. There is also tools very well hidden 
> in XP which can reclaim the partitions and format them from the XP 
> utility. I cannot recall the name for the XP disk management utility. 
> I had to use it a few times, but not enough to recall the location. I 
> have no XP to look for it either.
> I hope this gives you some clues to what you would have to do in 
> either linux or XP. 

The windows XP disk manager is called diskmgmt.msc. It lives in 
%windowsroot%/system32, but can be accessed from My Computer->Manage

Hope that this helps!

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