FC4 installation appears to disappear...?

John Purser jmpurser at gmail.com
Sat Dec 24 06:07:21 UTC 2005

On 12/23/05, Richard England <rengland at europa.com> wrote:
> Toshiba Tecra 9000  W/ FC3.
> I attempted an upgrade from FC3 to FC4 using a set of CDs that pass both
> the sha1sum and "Media Check". The installation (upgrade) seemed to run
> to completion (Graphical install was used), but when I rebooted, I came
> up in FC3.
> If I try to perform the upgrade again, the only options I am given are
> to perform a complete fresh install or  "Upgrade and existing
> installation" [Fedora Core 4 (/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00) ]  and there is
> no indication of the older FC3 version. When I check "/boot", I do not
> see any indication of the new kernel.  grub.conf does not contain the
> new kernel configuration either. "/root/upgrade.log" has a new date/time
> so it is being modified. Checking it only shows that Firefox was updated
> but it has a whole boat load of packages that are marked "available
> ...but NOT upgraded".  ??!
> When I let it do the Upgrade it very quickly tells me it needs to
> install Firefox-1.0.4 and then prompts me for Disk 2. After I feed it
> Disk 2 it announces it is doing the boot loader step, then that it is
> successful.... but still no joy on reboot.
> I've not encountered this one.   Can anyone shed some light on this
> and/or tell me if I can "force" the complete upgrade installation
> somehow?  I'd just as soon not install from scratch at this time, if I
> can avoid it.
> If the reinstall becomes inevitable, what do I tell it to use for  "/"
> in Disk druid so I can have it reuse the existing partitioning?  At this
> time it is configured with LVM and I am a complete novice there.
> Or should I bide my time and wait for FC5 to hit the streets?
> Thanks for any enlightenment or guidance.
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This might be a long shot but try rebooting your FC box and at the
grub prompt hit the down arrow key.  You may have installed FC4 as a
SECOND system and grub knows about it.

Free to try anyway.

John Purser

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