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Stuart Sears stuart at
Thu Dec 29 21:28:43 UTC 2005

On Thursday 29 December 2005 19:39, David Fletcher wrote:
<snip most of the question. Oops>
it was roughly: how do i make sound-juicer rip to mp3 format

<smartarse moment>
google would have done this for you as well this time.
The search term you want is basically
sound-juicer +"Fedora Core 4" +mp3
</smartarse moment>

but in the interests of the archives, what you need to do is create a 
gstreamer audio profile, as described here:

create new profile - I called mine CD Quality Custom
then edit it.
after a bit of messing about (and a bit of swearing) I came up with this:

Profile Name: mp3
Profile Description: rip to mp3
GStreamer Pipeline: audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc
File Extension: mp3

now your new option should appear in the sound-juicer preferences

> Now my third question:- I cannot find the Audio CDs section in the Control
> Centre on the FC4 machine, and the same audio CD won't mount. 
Audio CDs never *actually* mount as they do not contain a filesystem.
konqueror 3.5 (KDE packages from kde-redhat: ) still 
works this way for me. It may have been removed from the packages in FC4
or you may have to install one of the kde 'extra' packages
e.g kdeaddons, kdeutils etc.
try installing those two and see if it comes back...


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