GNome Un-install?

Jonathan Underwood j.underwood at
Fri Dec 30 17:28:58 UTC 2005

Ali Helmy wrote:
> I did the ($ yum groupremove "GNOME...etc) command, but it also
> removed some weird stuff along... it removed for example,
> writer, kdeadmin, langpacks and
> others...
> why the hell did that happen?

Some of those must have had (correctly or erroneously) dependencies on 
GNOME libraries. It would be useful if you could post the output of yum, 
or the list of packages that were removed (you could look in 
/var/log/yum.log). It may even be a bug in the yum dependency resolver. 
But without the details, it's impossible to tell. If you have the 
information, it would be very useful to packagers though.

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