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Re: Installation problem Oracle 10g on FC3 - TOra


I've solved my problem. I installed Oracle again, I gave the SID and
database name without dot (.)  but the default value has dot (.)
I've changed the value without dot. I works.

Oracle is working, ı create databases using dbca

I installed TOra, however, ı could not connect oracle. TOra gives me an error,

unable to connect to the database.
ORA-01034 Oracle not available
ORA-27101 shared memory realm does not exist
Linux Error: 2: no such file or directory

I searched google, but, ı could not find a solution.

Have you faced with before?


On 6/5/05, Filiz Cetin <filiz cetin gmail com> wrote:
> Hi Oded
> In fact no oracle scripts are installed in /u01/app/oracle, including
> tnsping or sqlplus etc since one of recommended assistants fail.
> The installer gives me an error during the installation of
> configuration assistants -> Enterprise Manager Repository Creation
> Assistant and leaves me with retry / next / cance options.
> Best
> Filiz

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