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Re: Need advice on new mailserver and spam

On Monday 06 June 2005 10:22, Bob Brennan wrote:
> I've been called in to solve some massive email problems in a
> company that has about 30 employees and an external mailserver.
> They receive on average about 100 legitimate emails per day and
> 3000+ spams plus the usual virus and worm attacks.

> My question is - long term - is it better to set up the
> mailserver to reject all non-mailbox emails to cut down on the
> incoming processing load; or to filter and bit-bucket the spam in
> the hopes that the volume will decrease over time with no
> responses to the spam? Or any other techniques any of you are
> using for such problems?
> Thanks in advance for opinions/suggestions,
> bob

Take a serious look at greylisting.  I suspect that you can reduce 
your spam load to almost insignificant proportions with that alone.

Here is a good description of the technique:


and a  particular implementation I have used to good effect:


Regards, Mike Klinke

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