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Re: What should I be looking for? DNS?

Declan Swords wrote:

I'm trying to install a fedora fileserver. The current setup has windows XP
machines attached to a router which in turn is connected to a xDSL modem. I
have connected the fedora machine to the router. Prior to this I took the
server option when installing fedora. The router run DHCP so IP addresses
are automatically given out. When I try and ping the server from an XP
machine with the servers name I get host unknown but if I read the IP
address in the fedora machine and then ping from the XP machine it returns
the ping. The same happens when I try and ping from the fedora machine to
the XP machine.

I know I'm missing something basic. I don't know where to begin to look. Any
help greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried putting your host names/ip addresses in the /etc/hosts file? Your Fedora machine will look there first. I am using SBC Yahoo! DSL and my internal lan has a difficult looking up hosts with DNS, the host file works much better.

Fred Thorsby
Jag Computers

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