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Re: FC3->FC4: packages added or removed (or moved to extras)

Jack Spaar wrote:

On Mon, 13 Jun 2005 10:13:19 -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:

In FC3 + updates only:

[snip useful info]

Hey thanks for posting all this stuff.  If you used any fancy repo tools
for figuring this out, a show-and-tell would be most welcome.

Between these posts and the release notes, I'm trying to figure out:
a) Did any packages move to Extras *because* they have been replaced by
something else in Core? (Like maybe the IMAP stuff, e.g.)

There are many reasons why a package is being moved into extras. For some of these packages, there already exists a default in core(Example: dovecot as default as cyrus in extras) . For others, they potentially fill a niche market better served by extras and so on. Of course there are exceptions like both emacs and vi being bundled in core. I have planned to take up the task of providing the rationale behind every package move starting from the next release within the release notes. Any help on this is of course most welcome

b) On a FC3->FC4 upgrade via yum, what packages might be left that are
now orphaned cruft.

Do an upgradation. Enable Fedora Extras repository and do an update again. That should cover many of the packages currently in extras now. For other repositories check whether they are in sync with FC4 before doing the updates


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