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Re: FC4 unable to reconfigure network from eth1 to eth0

Am Mi, den 15.06.2005 schrieb Clifford Snow um 21:03:


> FC4 up and running on a Dell 600m laptop.  Upgraded from FC3 using the
> DVD image.  Upgrade went very smoothly. 
> While waiting for Linuxant FC4 driverloader, I'm using my wired
> ethernet connection, eth0.  Using system-config-network tool, I've
> enabled eth0 and disabled eth1.  eth0 is configured to activate on
> boot and to allow users to control.  Problem is a reboot doesn't see
> the new configuration and the settings I've saved previously in
> system-config-network are gone.  
> I've verified that /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0 and
> /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/defaults/ifcfg-eth0 contain the
> right settings before rebooting.  
> Any suggestions?  
> Clifford Snow 

Check the content of /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-ethX. And too
see /etc/modprobe.conf for the aliases for eth0 and eth1.


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