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Re: Need assist - FC4 and DELL Inspiron 8100 - Video - nvidia GeForce2

Am So, den 19.06.2005 schrieb david feldman um 1:22:

> I am trying to install NVIDIA's accellerated graphics driver version 
> 1.0-7664(appears to be latest)  from their (nvidia.com) website to enable X 
> on a Dell Inspiron 8100 (default install gives me 800x600 but it appears it 
> is not aware of the machine's video adapter.)
> nvidia's linux driver's install program tells me there is no "pre-compiled 
> kernel interface" (presumably for FC4's kernel which in my system is 
> 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4, unmodified from an initial install.
> There is information that leads you down the path of compiling a new kernel 
> interface, but I'd like to avoid re-inventing that wheel if someone already 
> has done that, and/or solved getting X on this particular machine.

> Dave

rpm.livna.org has the NVidia.com driver packaged as an FC4 rpm:



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