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Re: Systematic Upgrade from Fedora 1 -> 4

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

You will have to partition manually using Disk Druid (ok, running fdisk
on the console would do too). Didn't you ever create a separate
partition for /boot? It would be the same for any other specific
directory. Anyway, what you do - and the same is possible running RAID
and/or LVM (with LVM it is an LV and not a partition) - is that you
start by creating a partition of a specific size. You further define in
that step which filesystem should be used and - this is the important
fact - at which mountpoint the partition should be mounted. Some common
mountpoints are already predefined and you can choose one of them out of
this list. But it is no problem to choose a very different, like
/var/spool/mail. You can repeat this step as often you like as long you
have free space for new partitions. One of the partitions created this
way must have the mountpoint /.


for further reading and screenshots.


Thanks, Alexander. Your explanation is helpful, and I appreciate the link as well.

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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