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Re: FC4

On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 09:06 -0400, C. Beamer wrote:
> Hi All,
> On Thursday, I installed Fedora Core 4.  Although I know I don't have 
> to, I install fresh every time a new Fedora release comes out - I have a 
> thing about not having excess files on my system.
> Anyway, I use KDE as my desktop manager and I also use a KDE program 
> called Krecipes, which I usually get via svn.  When I got the files I 
> needed for the install and attempted to install the program, my 
> configure failed.  I got a message about gcc being banned.  I know that 
> Fedora Core uses gcc 4.0 and this has been patched to fix a bug.  
> However, when compiling KDE apps, this version of gcc is not 
> recognized.  Is this a Fedora issue or one that should be addressed by 
> the developers of gcc?

I don't know about kde and gcc 4 - but I do know if you want to build an
app that doesn't like gcc4 you can install gcc32 (gcc version 3.2)

export CC=/usr/bin/gcc32 ./configure

it will then use gcc32 for the C Compiler
(there also is a c++32 package)

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