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Re: No way to launch an X application under FC4

Am Di, den 21.06.2005 schrieb Luc MAIGNAN um 19:16:

 --> 1. 
 --> 4. > no top posting, please

[ re-ordered due to top-posting ]

> > > I have always an error for connection on the X Server : cannot
> > > to X Server :0.0 (XLib no protocol specified ?)

> In a very basic way : 
>       * login to a standard user
>       * from the task bar, try to launch any X application : it
>         doesn't work ..
> it is a 64 bits version with k8 processor : It works fine on another
> computer with the 32 bits version

I guess you mangled /etc/hosts thus it no longer contains the important
line               localhost.localdomain localhost

If you disagree then please post the content of your /etc/hosts file and
the output of commands "hostname" "resolveip $(hostname -s)".


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